Opting for DIY House Painting? Use These Tools  

Who doesn’t want to live inside a well-painted house? If you are a homeowner enduring a dull home, it’s time to repaint it! If you would like to see magnificent results, it’s best to put your trust in a professional painter. But if you opt for DIY, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you have the right tools to hand.

Become familiar with house painting equipment:

Drop Cloths, Plastic Sheeting, and Tape

We can begin with tools for neatness and protection. Use drop cloths and plastic sheeting to shield your belongings like electronics, flooring, furniture, shelves, tables, sofas, windows, doors, and light fixtures. Use tape to create a sharp and clean edge when painting the walls next to the ceiling or along baseboards.

Paint Tray, Rollers, and Refills

You won’t be able to complete your project without these tools. Trusty paint rollers will help you cover a large area with color. You’ll also need to purchase roller refills for emergency or future paint jobs. A durable paint tray will help you load the right amount of paint you need on your roller. Getting paint straight from the can will be messy. If you need help, don’t think twice about calling a skilled painter.

A Variety of Brushes

To apply paint to smaller areas and corners, you will need brushes of different sizes. You can’t possibly use a roller to fill hard-to-reach sections of the walls of your home. Before painting the large area, you will want to paint around the window frames, doors along baseboards around outlets, etc. Once the expanse has been covered in paint, you may need to go along with a brush to do some touch-ups. This is where the small brushes come in handy.

A Ladder

Reach high ceiling areas with the help of a sturdy ladder. Avoid using your sofas, tables, chairs, and other furniture to paint near ceiling parts of your house! They will not hold you, and you will have a tough time controlling the rollers. Always put safety first before anything else. Also, you don’t want to damage your furnishings.

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